Friday, May 25, 2007

Democrats Cave In to War Machine

This is ridiculous. Rally your friends, neighbors, and coworkers together. It is our responsibility as Americans to end this war being waged by our government with our tax dollars.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Deregulate Deregulate Deregulate

These right wingers in government don't believe in regulating industry, even when industry is calling for it and it's the safety of our food at stake.
-Paul Krugman

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Our Lawless, Wiretapping President

video of Ashcroft's former Deputy Attorney General's testimony

work until we die serving someone else's greed

retire at 65 (if you can afford it). die ten years later, twenty if you're a Japanese woman.

Ashamed of Her Wal-mart Past

Clinton served on the Wal-Mart board of directors from 1988-1992 while her husband was governor of Arkansas. She advocated environmentally friendlier practices and moving more women into management. She also stayed silent on the company's vicious anti-union practices. None of this is advertised by her presidential campaign.
-NY Times

Strike! Shut Down The War Machine

Contractor Deaths Soar in Iraq
-NY Times

Time for a work stoppage?

Friday, May 18, 2007

Down With Clinton

She'll sell us out to the corporations.

SEIU and Young People

They started a new organization called Qvisory that will help young workers with things like financial planning, credit card debt, and health insurance.
-NY Times

Starbucks Union Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

A new store in Chicago goes public and another one in Michigan files a legal complaint regarding union busting.
-Liza Featherstone


Michael Moore's movie about the dysfunctional American healthcare system comes out soon.
-Michael Moore

Free Bumper Sticker

"Support the troops. End the war." courtesy of John Edwards.

Support Your Canadian Brothers and Sisters

Click Here. My friend worked at this distribution center for several months where they weren't prepared for an "American style" unionbusting campaign.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Unions To Unseat Corporate "Democrats"

The Nation

Working in China: 14hrs a day, 7 days a week


Bush's OSHA Fails to Protect Popcorn Workers

Washington Post

Fortune Fears John Edwards

"John Edwards: Union Man," Fortune:
should Edwards overcome stiff odds and win the presidency, a new and more hostile day is sure to dawn for Washington's business interests, particularly if Democrats retain control of Congress. Legislation to make union organizing easier would readily pass (already it passed the House this year), as well as other measures to boost the bargaining leverage of organized labor. Universal health care, mostly resisted by the private sector, would top his agenda.

The hyper-cautious Hillary Clinton learned the dangers of a frontal assault on business interests with the disastrous reception to her 1993 health-care plan. Barack Obama hails from the party's liberal-left wing, but prizes consensus. For President Edwards, though, the grievances of working Americans would land squarely at the door of corporate America.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

To Fight Sprawl Let DC Grow!

Washington Post article about the restrictive building height limits in the city:

"D.C. leaders should consider lifting the limit around Metro stations that serve commuters from across the region, such as Dupont Circle, Union Station, Metro Center, the Navy Yard and, yes, Friendship Heights."

Common sense tells us that high density zoning centered around mass transit hubs (e.g. Metro stops) is the only way to fight suburban and exurban sprawl. If you can't build up, you have to build out.

Circuit City: "I've Made A Huge Mistake"

Circuit City, citing poor sales of large screen televisions, expects to post a loss at the end of this first quarter. Financial analysts blame the firing of the company's 3,400 most experienced workers, 60% of whom had sales positions. Wobblies protest.
-Washington Post, Times Union

DC Hotel Workers Rising

Youtube clip of Bruce Raynor's speech at a UNITE HERE rally

Wal-Mart Unionbusting Report

Human Rights Watch report on Wal-Mart
watch the anti-union training video

Be An Union Researcher

Cornell's ILR school is offering a special week-long course on strategic corporate research, June 17-June 22. You need to register by May 7.

NYC Taxi Cab Drivers Ready to Strike

The New York Taxi Workers Alliance is preparing for a strike in response to the Taxi & Limousine Commission's plan to require drivers to install expensive GPS computer systems in their cabs.
-Indypendent, NY Sun, Metro NY

Background on the Drivers: AFL-CIO Weblog, Taxi!

Elaine Chao makes me sick

Youtube clip of our SECRETARY OF LABOR bashing the Employee Free Choice Act in a speech at the Society for Human Resource Management luncheon

Starbucks Union Mania

Here's a link to the Post article that made the front of the Style section several weeks ago.

And check this out to listen to a NPR program featuring a great interview with Starbucks unionist Daniel Gross. He breaks out the facts and takes on some idiot named Joseph Michelli, author of "The Starbucks Experience: 5 Principles for Turning Ordinary into Extraordinary."